DC diehards are already hyped when it comes to Justice League, but that doesn’t mean the gang isn’t also a bit worried. The superhero blockbuster is slated to hit theaters in November, but there hasn’t been any sighting of Superman in its trailers so far. Just, don’t get too worried yet; After all, the Justice League cast promises the film is for Superman lovers.
San Diego Comic Con recently had the cast of Justice League assemble for a star-studded panel, and the cast took time to reassure fans about Superman. Henry Cavill was unable to make the event thanks to his work on Mission Impossible 6, so Gal Gadot stepped in to comfort fans.
“We can’t say much,” Gadot started, “but if you’re a big fan of Superman you’re going to love Justice League.”
Later on, Jason Momoa hindered the Wonder Woman star’s work when he told a young fan “Superman is dead,” but that wasn’t the end of the actor’s conversation. Video eventually appeared online which showed Momoa leveling with the boy and reassuring him about Superman’s fate.
“Don’t worry, he’s still alive, okay? Don’t worry,” Momoa can be heard saying.
Of course, fans of the DC Extended Universe have known Superman isn’t as dead as the franchise might pose. Batman v Superman may have wrapped with Clark Kent’s funeral, but the film did have a teaser about the Kryptonian’s revival. Fans are mostly concerned about whether Henry Cavill will appear in the movie and how much screen-time he will get, but Warner Bros. is nothing if not tight-lipped on the subject.
For now, fans will have to wait a bit longer to hear about Superman’s tenure with Justice League. There’s always a chance Warner Bros. will keep the hero’s involvement on the down-low until the blockbuster drops; After all, the studio managed to keep Wonder Woman’s footage of Ares secret until the God of War stepped into theaters. If the Justice League cast says the film is for Superman fans, then DC enthusiasts will have to go by their word and simply hope Cavill accidentally spills the beans about his character’s return sooner rather than later.