San Diego Comic Con is winding down, but DC diehards are still buzzing over the convention’s gifts. Fans were given a new Justice League trailer yesterday which highlighted Steppenwolf and other characters, but Superman was nowhere to be seen. So, it’s nice to see Henry Cavill commenting on his hero’s MIA status now.
Over on Instagram, Cavill shared the Justice League trailer with the caption “All in! Well, almost.” The cheeky note was then usurped when Aquaman’s Jason Momoa commented on the video, writing, “Missed you today brother.”
However, when Cavill commented back, the return piqued some interest. The actor wrote. “Missed you guys too! You guys should do something about that ;)”
For fans, the comment doesn’t tell them anything new, but it does get their hopes up that Superman will have a bit of screen time in Justice League. Fans know the actor will be part of the blockbuster in some way, but many want the Man of Steel would have a sizable role. That hope has diminished with each Justice League trailer since they’ve not featured any sign of Superman’s comeback.
Still, it is only a matter of time until Superman’s return is teased. The DC Extended Universe has gotten good at keeping character inclusions quiet. Wonder Woman went above and beyond to keep its first-look at Ares under-wraps until the heroine’s standalone hit theaters. Superman is a harder character to keep quiet, but the DC Films is clearly doing its best to keep the Kryptonian mum. For now, there is no telling how the Man of Steel may return or whether he will be on the Justice League’s side at first, but one thing is for sure.
Superman is definitely on his way, and the Flash better get ready to fanboy hard over the debut.