Game of Thrones season 7 episode 2, “Stormborn” was all about big meet ups and character crossovers – and one of those meetings was something that fans really wanted to see (and was teased last week) was the crossing of paths between Jorah Mormont and Samwell Tarly!
Sir Jorah is currently sitting in quarantine within The Citadel, facing the slow doom of greyscale; Sam is training at The Citadel (and cleaning many a bedpan) and when attending patients alongside Archmaester Ebrose (Jim Broadbent), Sam came to talk with Jorah, and the connection between them was made.
Of course, Jorah has long renounced his family name, and so it remains to be seen if/how Sam’s history with Jorah’s father (Night’s Watch Lord Commander Jeor Mormont) will affect Jorah. However, after seeing what Jorah and Sam went through later on in the episode, it seems like Mr. Tarly would’ve been right at home in Ramsay Bolton’s house!
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