One of the most anticipated panel of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is set to begin!
Warner Bros. is scheduled to bring out presentations for movies such as Ready Player One, Blade Runner 2049, and of course Justice League.
The panel began with the Hall H curtains being opened even wider, revealing stretching all the way around the room.
The panoramic screen opened with footage of Kong: Skull Island, Harry Potter, Inception, Lord of the Rings, Mad Max, Fantastic Beasts, Godzilla, Suicide Squad, LEGO Batman Movie, Gravity, Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Conjuring.
Chris Hardwick hit the stage after the video ended, hyping the crowd up for the presentation.
Ready Player One
The lights dimmed and began with footage for Ready Player One, showing a coin go into the slot of an arcade cabinet.
Ernest Cline and Steven Spielberg hit the stage first, sending the Hall H crowd into a frenzy.
Cline, the author of the book who also wrote the screenplay, said he grew up watching the director and was inspired by his many influential movies.
Spielberg said the book inspired him and the virtual world they created is likely going to come in the future “whether we like it or not.”
Spielberg joked they would need a younger director to make this movie before referring to Cline as his guide.
Ready Player One Footage Description
They then introduced some footage for the movie set to hit theaters in March, 2018.
The clip starts with a voice over, “I was born in 2025, but I wish I was born in 1980s, like all my heroes.”
It shows him explore his town, which is stacked with trailers and makeshift abodes. He puts on some VR goggles and enters the virtual world, where he battles alongside the Iron Giant, fighting creatures like Freddy Krueger.
“Tom Sawyer” by RUSH plays, showing quick battle and driving sequences. A futuristic police force floods the streets. Then it shows a group of people entering VR stations, lowering goggles onto their heads, and entering the virtual world.
The footage ends with a closeup of the key entering a slot before cutting to black.
Ready Player One Panel
Stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, and T.J. Miller joined Spielberg and Cline on the stage, alongside writers Zak Penn and Eric Eason.
Cline spoke about how he hopes the movie will increase the rate which VR is adopted in the real world.
The first fan question asked if Cinestar would be in the movie, but Cline said he didn’t think so but added that the Ostrich from Joust was in the clip we just saw.
Asked about predicting the rise of VR in his book, Cline said he feels fortunate that he wrote about predicting the potential rise of VR, calling it a huge honor. “It’s a little more accurate than Lawnmower Man,” Miller joked.
Spielberg was asked what he wanted to get away with in this movie, and he said that he was wondering how much of his own material he could reference in the film. Cline used a lot of touchstones from the ’80s in his story, which Spielberg had a huge involvement with, that he had to leave a lot of his own material out.
Spielberg also spoke about how the third act of the story blends real life with virtual interactions, saying that it is one of the things he loved most from the book.
Cline said he loved coming up with different references from the 80s in the film, just like he made the book. “The Iron Giant is a real major player in the story.”
The panel members stood up and exited the stage, giving way to Blade Runner.
Blade Runner Timeline
A video played describing the timeline of Blade Runner leading up to the new movie.
2019 – Deckard’s Escape
2020 – A New Model
2022 – The Blackout
2023 – Replicant Prohibiition
2025 – The rise of Wallace Corp
2030 – Prohibition Repealed
2049 – Present Day “Society is divided between two classes. Replicant and human.”
Jared Leto hit the stage after that video, speaking about the original film’s importance in his own life and career.
“The experience of making Blade Runner 2049 has truly been one of the highlights of my career.”
Leto guaranteed “the future will be as strange as science fiction,” before being revealed to be a hologram being projected on the stage, disappearing from the stage.
Hardwick then introduced the new trailer.
Blade Runner Panel
Hardwick introduced director Denis Villeneuve and stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas, Lennie James, Sylvia Hoeks, and more. Writers Michael Green and Hampton Francher also joined them.
Villeneuve said he took on this project because he “didn’t want someone else to f**k this up.”
He added that the best way to work with Ridley Scott was with Ridley being far away. They needed to make their own movie after giving the original inspiration and helping in the early phases.
Ford said he came back to Blade Runner 2049 because they had a really good script based on a good idea. “It deepened the understanding of my character,” Ford added.
Gosling said there’s so much that makes the film special. “It was one of the first films I had scene where it wasn’t clear how I was supposed to feel when it was over.” He said there’s something magical happening in the film.
More Blade Runner
They dimmed the lights and showed new footage, showing Gosling’s character Officer K being led through Wallace’s temple-like showcase of Replicants throughout the years.
Wallace’s guide takes him to a high-tech storage area where they take a glass ball with Replicant memories, loading it into a slot where it shows an eyeball while playing Deckard sound bytes from the original Blade Runner. Officer K thanks Wallace’s assistant for her time.
One fan asked the panel for advice to actors, and Gosling said “don’t mistakenly go into Harrison’s trailer.” Harrison nodded, “Good advice.”
Gosling said the experience is surreal and hasn’t sunken in yet that they’re making a Blade Runner sequel.
Asked if Harrison Ford’s goal is to reboot every franchise he helped create, Harrison Ford simply said “You bet your ass it is,” to thunderous applause, bringing the panel to a close.
DC Comics
An updated version of the new DC Comics intro sequence played out, leading to clips of the movies released so far, including a brief clip of concept art showing the fiery pits of Apokalips.
They then flashed a series of graphics including Aquaman, Shazam!, Flashpoint, Green Lantern Corps, Suicide Squad 2, Batgirl, Justice League Dark, the Batman, and Wonder Woman II logos were shown on the screen in rapid succession. Looks like they have a full slate of films for the future.
The panel begins with Jason Momoa hitting the stage, running through the crowd while wielding the trident. “The king is here, finally!” he screamed, to thunderous applause. They announced he just came from Australia to the panel.
James Wan opened up a video message showing some comic book and concept art, including Black Manta and the enemies of the Reach.
It’ll be an origin story, experiencing Atlantis as Aquaman does.
They provide a clip just for fans in Hall H.
Footage begins with fishermen on a small boat, casting their lines. One snags something big, it pulls his reel and takes the boat for a ride, going fast across the ocean, eventually sucking the poll away from him.
A fleet of vessels go past them, followed by a creature with many fins.
The camera goes underwater and many, MANY manta ray-looking submarines coast by, followed by a shark in a harness that swallows the camera.
Aquaman is shown in a sunken ship. “I suppose you don’t want to talk about this huh. Neither do I.” He reveals a sword and attacks toward the camera, bringing the clip to a close.
December 21, 2018
Justice League
Justice League concept art plays next, showing the different characters and their powers.
Bright eyes open in the dark, hinting at Parademons. Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot Ray Fisher, and Ezra Miller join Momoa on the stage.
“This is amazing,” Affleck said of the experience, seeing everyone in costume on the set.
Hardwick addressed the rumors of Afflecks disappointment and departure from the Batman role.
“Let me be very clear, I am the luckiest guy in the world,” Affleck said. “Batman is the coolest f***ing part in any universe. I am so thrilled to do it… With Matt Reeves doing it, I would be an ape on the ground for Matt Reeves, never mind being Batman. It’s incredible.”
Gadot thanked the fans for their support of Wonder Woman to thunderous cheers from the crowd.
Miller said “I’m thrilled, what more can I say? Are there OTHER comic houses?” Joking about Marvel.
Asked about Cyborg, Fisher says that Flash and Cyborg gravitate to each other because they’re closer in age. They spoke about going through similar situations in getting powers and going through trauma, and that allows them to gravitate to each other.
Momoa says Aquaman is sensitive and might be less willing to work with the rest of the team, but he finds a new family in the League.
Asked what he brought to the panel, Affleck said “I just want to take one second to absorb this because I’m so excited. How many people in their life get to come to Hall H and say ‘I’m Batman.'”
He then revealed the new sneak peak of the movie.
More Justice League
After the trailer ends, Momoa throws his chair and hops around hugging everyone.
One fan asked what Gadot was doing the moment she foudn out she was Wonder Woman. Momoa was in Zack Snyder’s office when he asked him if he wanted to play Aquaman and Momoa said, “Pardon me?”
Miller was in a small town in Costa Rica eating a meal when he received a call, his agent was very panicked. Snyder was on the phone and he didn’t know why. Snyder tells him he wants him to be the Flash, and Ezra said he had a conniption, and the Costa Rican people were alarmed.
Fisher rolled around on the floor in excitement after Snyder told him personally. He expressed gratitude to Snyder, saying we wouldn’t be here without him.
Affleck said Snyder showed him a sculpture from the Dark Knight Returns, revealing Superman and batman fighting, and Affleck simply said “I’m in.”
One fan asked who is the funniest and if there was a good prank story they could tell.
“We’re all funny in our own ways,” Fisher said. “I think everyone is the funniest.” Affleck added it’s a great group to work with and he enjoys going to the set.
The next fan asks “What’s up with the reshoots? Are you guys secretly filming Part 2 already?”
Fisher says they’ve been brief and they’re almost finished, praising Joss Whedon taking over for Snyder.
Asked who they would share scenes with from Suicide Squad, Momoa said Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang. Gadot said Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Miller said Will Smith’s Deadshot, and Fisher said Killer Croc or Enchantress.
A child asked where’s Superman, Momoa said “I’m not sure if your parents showed you the last movie, but SUPERMAN IS DEAD.”
Gadot added, “We can’t say much, but if you’re a big fan of Superman you’re going to love Justice League.”
Assked what their favorite scenes are, Miller said when they were all together. Fisher said seeing all of the Bat-gadgets. Momoa said surfing the Batmobile “with my boy B.A. over there.”
Momoa said the army is Ocean Master’s army in the trailer, and that he’ll be fighting his brother.