Yesterday, the Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Warner Bros. Studios is planning to “gracefully usher” Ben Affleck from the role of Batman in their DC movie universe. Affleck responded to those rumors today at SDCC’s Warner Bros. Movie Panel in Hall H.
“Let me be very clear, I am the luckiest guy in the world,” Affleck told the packed room. “Batman is the coolest fucking part in any universe. I am so thrilled to do it.”
What’s more, Affleck made clear he was happy to star in Matt Reeves planned trilogy of Batman movies. “With Matt Reeves doing it, I would be an ape on the ground for Matt Reeves, nevermind being Batman. It’s incredible.”
Rumors about Ben Affleck departing the DC Extended Universe began earlier year, when Warner Bros. announced that Affleck had stepped down as the director for the planned The Batman film. Reeves also scrapped the script that Affleck helped to write.
In the meantime, Ben Affleck will appear in the upcoming Justice League movie later this fall.