Fans are reeling from the first look at The Walking Dead’s upcoming eighth season, which was recently unveiled in a five-minute trailer during San Diego Comic-Con. But one moment – or rather, a choice in facial hair – is getting quite a bit of attention.
In the trailer’s closing moments, viewers got a look at The Walking Dead’s lead protagonist, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), waking up in a bed. Rick is noticeably older, and a cane is leaning up against the wall. For many fans, this can only mean one thing – Old Man Rick, as well as a major time jump for the show, is on the way.
The unofficial moniker represents a very distinct version of Rick that The Walking Dead comic readers have already been treated to. In the conclusion of the ‘All Out War’ storyline, a violent altercation between Rick and Negan (played on the show by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), ended with Rick’s leg getting broken.
The subsequent arc, ‘A New Beginning’, jumped to events taking place over two years after ‘All Out War’, where Rick still had a seriously injured leg, a cane, and a new appearance.
While the show following the two-year time jump has been teased for quite some time, this provides fans with the first look at how it will manifest. How long ‘All Out War’ will last within the timeline of the show – and what the rest of Rick’s world will look like once that two-year time jump occurs – is yet to be seen.