Warning: Major Spoilers for the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones ahead! Read at your own risk…
The penultimate season of Game of Thrones finally began this past Sunday and fans finally got to see what their favorite Westeros-dwellers have been up to since they’ve last been seen.
Many of these folks had full scenes throughout the episode, but there was one fan-favorite character who had an incredibly brief appearance. If you blinked, you likely missed Jorah Mormont’s Season 7 debut.
If you recall, Daenerys’ former right-hand-man was infected with grayscale, a disease that slowly kills your skin cells and gives you a rock-like appearance where the infection is present. When we last saw Jorah, he left Daenerys to find a cure for the disease that was ailing him.
Now we know that Jorah’s journey for a cure brought him to The Citadel, where he met Sam at the end of Sunday’s episode.
While Sam was taking dirty bowls away from a row of prison-like cells, a man from inside a cell attempted to grab him. If you looked closely at the man’s arm it was scaly and gray, as if it was made of charcoal.
This was almost enough to give away Jorah’s identity, but the man’s following lines sealed the deal. He asked Sam, “Has she come yet? The dragon queen, Daenerys Stormborn?”
As the man sat back down, a silhouette of Jorah’s face came into the frame, confirming what many fans were already thinking.
If you’re confused as to how Jorah ended up in The Citadel, think back to story of Stannis Baratheon’s daughter Shireen. She had a patch of grayscale on her face that seemed to be nothing more than a scar.
In one episode, it was revealed that Shireen had been taken to the Maesters in The Citadel, and that they were able to heal her sickness. Her scar remained, but the grayscale didn’t spread to the rest of her body.
Jorah is likely seeking the same attention from the Maesters. Unfortunately, his treatment doesn’t seem like it’s going quite as well.