Next year, Avengers: Infinity War will strut into theaters, and the massive blockbuster is expected to blow minds when it does. The film is said to be the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s last ten years, and Josh Brolin is the actor tasked with bringing the movie’s larger-than-life villain to the big screen. And, yes – Thanos will walk into Avengers: Infinity War with a few Infinity Stones already in tow.
Recently, Brolin spoke with Good Morning America about his tenure in the MCU, and the actor took a moment to describe just what the Infinity Stones are.
“Everyone represents a power, a massive power,” the star explained. “All of them together make the ultimate power.”
Then, when Brolin was asked whether Thanos collects all of the Infinity Stones, the actor admitted Thanos already has a few.
“Yeah, there’s a few in there [the Infinity Gauntlet], and he’s always pining to get another one in there. So, ultimately, we don’t know,” Brolin said.
Just yesterday, some very lucky fans got to see just what kind of power Thanos’ Infinity Stones were packing. Marvel Studios debuted an exclusive first-look at Avengers: Infinity War at D23, and the teaser saw the Mad Titan wreaking all kinds of havoc. By the trailer’s end, Thanos was a few steps closer in assembling the entire Infinity Gauntlet, and the tool’s power allowed the villain to throw an actual moon at another planet.
So, yeah – talk about destruction.
Later in the interview, Brolin said he isn’t sure if Thanos will assemble all of the Infinity Stones since he has yet to read up on Avengers 4. “I haven’t done the second movie, so I don’t know,” he said.
“I literally don’t know what the second script is. I don’t know if they’ve finished the second script, and that’s the truth. I don’t know. I think they’re in the midst of structuring and restructuring.”
If Brolin is telling the truth, then it looks like Avengers: Infinity War will stop short of Thanos completing his powerful gauntlet. The fourth Avengers film will likely pick up with the team as finally find a way to fight back against the Mad Titan’s unprecedented powers, but that does not mean every superhero will make it out of the film alive. Just ask Mark Ruffalo; He’ll tell you.