Ever since award winning-singer Ed Sheeran was announced to be appearing in the latest season of Game of Thrones, fans begun speculating what capacity his role would have and who he would be playing on the hit HBO show.
Sheeran made an appearance in the first episode of Season 7, called “Dragonstone,” as a smooth-singing foot soldier of House Lannister.
Arya Stark comes across a group of Lannister banner men traveling to the Twins to settle the unrest that has occurred in the wake of what happened to House Frey at the beginning of the episode.
Sheeran’s character is singing a song, because of course he is, while Arya is invited to share wine and food with them.
Knowing that she encountered supporters of Cersei Lannister, who she wants to kill, Arya is apprehensive to join them but there persistence persuades her.
Arya has some rabbit and whine and when they ask where she’s traveling she tells them the truth: she’s going to King’s Landing to kill the Queen.
After a tense moment, they all share a laugh and continue on with the meal, enjoying each other’s company.
It was a quick but notable scene and doesn’t feel like an out-of-place celebrity cameo in a show with knights and dragons.