Tons of new information and images were released to the public today in the wake of Marvel’s presentation of Avengers: Infinity War at Disney’s D23 Expo. 

Aside from a sizzle reel and the reveals of Thanos’ allies in the Black Order, we now have a visual of the Mad Titan wielding the powerful Infinity Gauntlet in all of its assembled glory.
This #InfinityWar concept art poster at D23 via @stitchkingdom
— Rochi Shion (@Marvel_Freshman) July 15, 2017
The piece, by Marvel Studios concept artist Ryan Meinerding, features Thanos giving his dentist a headache with all of his teethgrinding, clutching the gauntlet as the Infinity Stones glisten set against the backdrop of space.
The image is a D23 exclusive item, so you’ll probably have to fork over a hefty buck on auction sites if you want to get your hands on it. Especially if it’s autographed by Josh Brolin, like this one is.