The Batman has taken steps recently towards production, but there is still much left for the film to do in development. Matt Reeves has finally started work on the standalone now that his directorial job on War for the Planet of The Apes is over. Now, if one report is right, then it looks like the film may hit theaters shortly after Aquaman premieres.
Yesterday, headlines about The Batman went viral after Reeves opened up about the film’s script. The director told MTV the script for The Batman would start over from scratch now that he’s on the project. When Variety covered the new update, the website dropped a bit of information itself. The site claimed The Batman is reportedly looking to premiere in 2019, and the DCEU fandom is using the note to dissuade over-eager fans from rushing the feature.
Until recently, DCEU fans were split over when they felt The Batman would likely hit theaters. Many believed the movie would be unable to debut until 2019 thanks to DC Film’s packed schedule, but others felt the studio might make The Batman a priority over films like The Flash.
If Variety is correct about The Batman’s hopeful release window, then fans are left now to speculate about whether the movie will drop before or after Justice League 2. The sequel is expected to hit theaters in during the summer of 2019, so The Batman could lead in to the movie by debuting in either March or April. If Warner Bros. does that, then the DCEU would roll out two standalone films between its Justice League movies as Aquaman will debut in 2018. The Flash might also aim for an interim release date, but the film has yet to nail down a director or script following the leave of Rick Famuyiwa last year.
Of course, Warner Bros. could always plan to debut The Batman after Justice League 2. The standalone could follow the aftermath of the sequel and see where Bruce Wayne lies once Steppenwolf and possibly Darkseid himself have been dealt with. Still, fans seem to agree that The Batman would be a better buffer in-between the two Justice League features, so here’s to hoping San Diego Comic Con will announced a spring 2019 release later this month.