Warning! Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming lie below!
Keeping a secret identity under-wraps is a challenge; Just ask Peter Parker. This weekend, Spider-Man: Homecoming hit theaters, and the film revealed the teenager’s superhero status to more than moviegoers. Peter’s best friend, arch enemy, and aunt were all clued into his alter-ego. However, according to the film’s writers, Aunt May absolutely needed to learn about her nephew’s antics early on.
During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein expanded on several of Spider-Man’s biggest scenes. The pair turned their focus to the final scene where Aunt May walks in on Peter Parker donning his newly returned Spider-Man suit. As the writers explain, Peter needed to have May discover his secret so that she can truly become a part of his new life.
When asked how Spider-Man’s story moves forward now that May knows about her nephew, Goldstein said, “It just sort of diminishes what is often the most trivial part of superhero worlds, which is finding your secret. It takes the emphasis off that, lets her become part of what’s really his life, so it’s not cloak-and-dagger stuff.”
“It’s how does he best use these powers to help the world, help himself and his family and act responsibly,” the screenwriter continued. “What’s funny is, when we first went in to Marvel, we said we were imagining that Aunt May would be a Marisa Tomei type, and they kind of exchanged a look, because they were already secretly in negotiations with her. So things worked out well; we were all on the same page.”