Spider-Man: Homecoming was always going to include the Shocker, but fans probably didn’t expect there to be two of them.
Spoilers incoming for Spider-Man: Homecoming, so if you haven’t seen it yet you’ve been warned.
Sony previously released the cast list for Homecoming (via ComicBookMovie), which revealed that two actors have been assigned the Shocker role. The two actors are Logan Marshall-Green and Bokeem Woodbine, and here’s why both are listed for the part.
Logan Marshall-Green plays Jackson Brice, who works for Adrian Toomes’ budding alien gun running business. Brice is given a gauntlet to use on runs, but after a somewhat unsuccessful run, Toomes chides him for being so careless. Brice isn’t hearing it though, so Toomes cuts him loose. After Brice threatens to expose his operation, Tooms vaporizes him, though to be fair he thought it was an anti-gravity gun.
That paves the way for Woodbine’s Herman Schultz to take the gauntlet from that point forward. Along the way someone jokes he should have a nickname like “the Shocker”, but he doesn’t actually go by that.
So, two villains for the price of one!