With Comic-Con just around the corner, Marvel Studios is starting to unveil more information about their forthcoming films including the highly anticipated Black Panther. A slew of new information and photos recently hit the web courtesy of EW, featuring the world of Wakanda in all of its vibrant glory.
The new magazine also contains an interview with star Chadwick Boseman who plays the titular Black Panther, first appearing in Captain America: Civil War. The actor reveals his thoughts on the characters in the new film, as well as the perception of the film’s villain Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan.
“I can say that I identify with Killmonger’s character,” Boseman said. “It’s going to be a fun character. He definitely has a different point of view. They are polar opposites. A superhero movie is only as great as its villains. I think they both provide a piece of that.”
Boseman clarified that Andy Serkis’ character Ulysses Klaue AKA Klaw “is the real villain” in the movie.
“You have Wakanda, which is an isolationist society, Klaue has entered that space and knows more about it than anybody else,” Boseman said. “Because of that, he is a threat. Not to mention that he’s accessed this gift that could also be a curse to the rest of the world.”
The allusion to Vibranium caused Boseman to continue.
“A lot of times when we talk about Vibranium we talk about it as if it’s, like, nuclear,” he said. “It’s not a nuclear weapon but with the flexibly and versatility of it, it can do a lot of things. The fact that he has accessed that and has the mind to use it for evil is the key thing. Most people don’t know what it is and what can be done with it.”
Boseman than added that Klaw’s role in the movie is similar to that of a terrorist.
“He is the Osama bin Laden of the movie. He’s out there, and you have to go find him because he’s coming back at some point in time.”
Black Panther will hit theaters on February 16, 2018.