Marvel fans, prepare yourselves for one serious geek-out. D23 is going down in Anaheim, and one of its Marvel booths has your first full look at Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War. You can check out the Mad Titan below!
As you can see in the tweet, Thanos looks different in this life-sized statue than fans have seen before in the MCU. The character is notably missing his golden headgear as the replica shows of Thanos’ bald head. The character is also shown wearing some informal clothes as his full body armor is stripped to just a chest-plate and pants.
Don’t recognize the pants? Don’t be worried; Those are new too. During the villain’s previous MCU outings, the character has always worn purple-and-gold armor which fitted closely around his legs. These cargo-looking pants are new to the Mad Titan, but his boots still look the same. The armored knee-high duds look like they are ready to take down all the Avengers with one swift kick. Sorry, Iron Man!
Thanks to other fans, several different shots of Thanos are starting to make their way onto the Internet. In the second tweet below, fans can see that the Mad Titan is standing on top of a rocky platform. There
Thanos in the @MarvelStudios #D23Expo2017 booth. #AvengersInfinityWar 😱
— (@DailySuperHero) July 14, 2017
Thanos at D23 shook!
— Jason (Wakanda)🌈 (@IsotopeRose) July 14, 2017