Peter Parker’s life is made a little less delightful thanks to the bullying of Flash Thompson, but Homecoming won’t feature the traditional bully archetype from film’s past.
Thompson is played by actor Tony Revolori in Spider-Man: Homecoming and thought it was important to bring the character’s bullying methods into the modern day.
In an interview with Hello Giggles Revolori said “I don’t want to be a physical bully or anything like that because that’s not really what happens now. It’s all about the social comments on social media and everything. And so how do you bring that online bully to real life?”
It was also important to establish a believable reason why he bullies Peter and Ned, as this Thompson isn’t your typical jock.
“I [want] to make sure people know where [Flash is] coming from. Why he is the way he is. He’s cocky because of money, but he’s also not the best so he hates Peter for the fact that it comes so easy to him We made it so that way, Flash is Peter’s equal. He’s just as smart. They all go to this school and sure maybe Flash’s dad pays for him to go there, but regardless, he is a smart kid. And I think by that fact we didn’t want to make it…you can’t be smart and a jock and be this physical a-hole.”