One of the best parts of the original Ant-Man was how director Peyton Reed utilized his size-shifting powers, and he’s already going to work on doing so again in the sequel.
The Ant-Man director gave fans a sneak peek at some props from the set on social media. The staff can be seen carrying some large props, but this being Ant-Man and all, the props consist of a pair of giant scissors and a large pencil. Reed shared the image with the simple caption “Prep. #antmanandthewasp.”
Most of the cast is returning for the sequel, which will bring Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne into the fray with her own Wasp suit, glimpsed at the end of the first film. Reed has said in the past that Wasp isn’t in the title for appearances only, but will co-headline the film with Paul Rudd.
Last time fans saw Rudd he was holding up in Wakanda alongside Captain America’s rogue Avengers, which also includes Falcon, Scarlet Witch, the Winter Solider, and Hawkeye. How this will play into Ant-Man and the Wasp isn’t known yet, but hopefully, more details come to the light soon.