Spider-Man is slated to swing into theaters in a couple of weeks, but Marvel Studios already has future plans in store for the hero. Peter Parker is becoming one of the MCU’s most valuable players thanks to his pop culture icon status. Now, the president of Marvel Studios is opening up about which villains Spider-Man may face in upcoming films, and the teaser will get comic book lovers hyped.
Recently, Kevin Feige sat down with Hey U Guys to chat about Spider-Man’s future in the MCU. During the interview, Feige was asked if traditional villains like Norman Osborn will pop into the franchise. The producer said no talks have been had about the Green Goblin, but Feige did stress the MCU is interested in villains who’ve never made it to theaters before.
“We haven’t talked about that. What’s fun about this is it’s the first time Spider-Man is in the MCU. And the first time he’s played by an actor who is the age, essentially, Spidey was in the comics for so long,” Feige explained. “And, as Michael Keaton does with the Vulture, we get to explore villains we haven’t seen before.”
“Spidey has an amazing rogues gallery, so at some point I think it might be interesting to revisit some of the characters we’ve seen in films before, but right now, we think there are a lot of new ones we haven’t played with yet,” the president said.
When Spider-Man: Homecoming drops, the film will do so with plenty of new v in villains in tow. Michael Keaton will play the film’s big baddie as he brings the Vulture to life. Other villains like the Tinkerer and Shocker are also confirmed to appear while rumors suggest Donald Glover will lay the foundations for the Prowler’s entrance. Rather than focusing on classic baddies like Doc Oc or even the Sandman, the MCU wants to use untouched characters to differentiate its take on Spider-Man from Sony’s past franchise attempts.
Still, fans shouldn’t give up hope on Spider-Man’s biggest heroes. It looks like folks such as the Green Goblin could come into play one day. It may just take a long time to get Harry Osborn on the big screen.