As much as Marvel Studios tries, there are just some secrets which can’t be kept. Technology has made it easy for curious fans to snap photos of film shoots whenever sets are out in the open. Iron Man just learned that fact the hard way as pictures of the hero suited up in new armor have just hit the Internet.
Over on Just Jared, the site was able to secure more than 20 photos from the set of Avengers: Infinity War. The film is currently shooting scenes in Atlanta, GA where Robert Downey Jr. was spotted the other day. The pictures show Iron Man suited up in brand-new armor, and fans are buzzing over the sleek get-up.
Images of the costume leaked online a couple days ago, but fans can now see what Iron Man’s new armor looks like on. A stunt actor was seen wearing the suit from the chest up as he filmed scenes alongside Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Benedict Wong.
Iron Man has his armor back in these new photos from the #AvengersInfinityWar set! See today’s pics:
— (@JustJared) June 28, 2017
Looking at the suit, the costume looks noticeably different from Iron Man’s previous gear. The Arc Reactor nodule centered in the armor’s chest piece has an altered triangle design. The armor also appears to have moveable shoulder pads which may assist Iron Man when he flies. The costume’s arms and faceplate has also undergone a few minute changes, and you can check out more pictures of the suit here.
As for the set photos themselves, fans are having a hard time deciphering anything from the stills. In one image, Iron Man can be seen standing across from his fellow heroes. Doctor Strange and Wong appear to be in a defensive stance while Bruce Banner seems to be talking to Tony. With the pair surrounded by all sorts of destruction, fans are wondering if Iron Man might turn on his comrades at some point in the film once Thanos can control Tony Stark with his Infinity Guantlet.