When Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters in July, the film will house other heroes than Peter Parker. The movie will see Iron Man weave through it as Tony Stark mentors Spider-Man in the wake of Civil War. The First Avenger will also make an appearance, but director Jon Watts says not all of Captain America’s cameos made the film’s cut.
Recently, the Spider-Man director sat down with ScreenRant to talk about the blockbuster, and Watts nodded to Captain America’s small cameos. The Avenger will pop into the film through various PSAs which Peter Parker’s high school tends to screen. Watts says he was inspired by the President’s Fitness Challenge to do the PSAs, but not all of Captain America’s cameos will fit into Spider-Man: Homecoming.
“When I was thinking of what would a Marvel universe high school look like, I was like, their version would be the Captain Americafitness challenge,” Watts explained.
“So it started with that, then we just started joking around about like, what if he did more videos? As soon as that door opened up, I just couldn’t stop brainstorming more and more things. Then I made a very – I think you see it for like a split second in the movie, but we made a whole detailed DVD case of like, ‘Rappin’ with Cap’ or ‘Rappin’ With the Captain’ and it was just messages from Captain America to the youth of today as if somehow the government had Captain America make all these PSAs for kids. And we shot so many more than are even in the movie.”
If you are hoping these additional scenes will one day be revealed, then you are in luck. Watts admitted the cut Captain America cameos will be added as bonus features to Spider-Man’s Blu-ray.
Of course, this is not the first time Chris Evans has done cameos within the MCU. The actor appeared as Captain America in Thor: The Dark World when Loki transformed into the super soldier. Watts said Evans was just as excited to do these Spider-Man cameos, and the director said one of the actor’s bits is a particular favorite of his.
“There’s so many about just everything, [like] brushing your teeth. Just anything you could think of, we had poor Captain America do it. Those were so much fun, just making them in the moment, [and] really trying some stuff out. Chris [Evans] was so game, it was really fun.”