Surely, in preparing for the role of the Vulture, Michael Keaton went back and educated himself for the role by reading the vast and rich Marvel Comics which featured the villain over the years.
This isn’t Keaton’s first dance with major comic book movies. After all, this guy was once Batman — the most iconic cinematic super hero there is. He must love comic books, by now. Maybe he read the origin of Adrian Toomes in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1’s issue #240. He had to have some of the Spectacular Spider-Man or Amazing Spider-Man runs which included the villain over a span of decades…
Right? Wrong!
Keaton took to Twitter during the press tour for Spider-Man: Homecoming, participating in a Q&A on the Spider-Man: Homecoming Twitter account. One fan asked Keaton if he had read any comics to prepare for the role and his answer was certainly disappointing for many of the comic book junkies.
It is a simple, “No,” from Keaton.
.@yoimdavix #AskTheVulture
— Spider-Man (@SpiderManMovie) June 25, 2017
Many actors choose not to read comics for the role but hearing their firm “No,” when asked if they did any comic book research to prepare for the part is always a bit of a downer for fans. Still, his portrayal of the character is not hindered by the lack of Marvel Comics homework. Spider-Man: Homecoming is getting rave reactions from critics and fans who screened the movie early.