It looks like Batman’s most famous ride is getting a lift of its own now. In just a few months, Justice League will rip into theaters and follow Bruce Wayne as he speeds around in his revamped Batmobile with the Flash and Aquaman in tow. However, for right now, it seems as if the iconic car is letting someone else steer it for a change.
Over on Reddit, one lucky fan got to see the Batmobile on one of its rare off days. A photo was recently posted to the website which shows Justice League’s Batmobile being towed through a suburban neighborhood. It is not clear where the photo was taken, but fans do agree the picture was not snapped abroad. Online detectives feel certain the Batmobile candid was taken in the U.S. since a storefront for a Rite-Aid can be seen in the background.
The close-up image gives fans a new look at the Batmobile’s profile. The sleek vehicle looks similar to its previous iteration from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but this Batmobile has some added firepower. Fans can see an array of guns and what appears to be an over-sized rifle attached to the car’s hood.
Clearly, Steppenwolf’s parademons won’t stand a chance against Batman and his new ride. The Batmobile means serious business these days, and Alfred would not let Bruce near the hotrod if it weren’t ready for war.