While there was plenty of Black Panther goodness in the debut trailer, a new Comic-Con poster actually provides the best look at the mask yet.
Fans are starting to see Black Panther posters pop up around the San Diego area in preparation for San Diego Comic-Con. The latest features a close-up on the character’s upper frame, including an updated mask that features much more detail than the one seen in Captain America: Civil War.
There’s a silver embellishment on the forehead, with several silver accent lines on the sides and around the eyes as well. The action moves quickly in the trailer, so these might be more subdued in the actual film. He could also get an upgrade at some point later on.
Of crouse, it could just be a special rendering for the poster, but either way, fans are likely to find out more at Comic-Con.
Boseman recently shared his first reactions to seeing the trailer to Jimmy Kimmel.
“It was so exciting,” Boseman said. “I literally, for like three minutes, was like, ‘oh my gosh.’ Just staring at the screen and then I cut my phone off because it was too much stimulation.”