If you happened to be at the airport in Japan recently, you might have noticed an onslaught of Spider-Men at the terminal, something strange even by Airport standards.
#スパイダージェット その2 pic.twitter.com/zRiYFSWqXn
— じゅん (@spa_jun) June 21, 2017
They converged on one plane, in particular, a Jetstar plane that themed the plane and its occupants on Spider-Man: Homecoming (via Kotaku). You had to apply to get a seat on the plane, and you couldn’t board without wearing a Spider-Man costume. As you can see in the images (above), the turnout was spectacular, even prompting a Homecoming themed Tony Stark to make the trip with them.
Costumes from all eras showed up for the event, including Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, the Amazing Spider-Man movies, Homecoming, and suits based specifically on the comics.