Transformers: The Last Knight is the latest installment of Michael Bay’s Transformers movie saga – and as we stated in our official review of the film, The Last Knight is as much a Michael Bay product as any of the previous films.
We also recently took a look back at one of the lesser-mentioned staples of the franchise: the tradition of surprising – or surprisingly gruesome – deaths that come with each Transformers movie. Since Transformers 5 is no way trying to break from the mold, there are a few big character deaths that occur within the film.
So, Who Dies in Transformers 5? Read on only if you’re ready for the SPOILERS!
Sir Edmund Burton
Transformers 5’s biggest and most shocking death is that of Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins), a historian and prominent member of “The Witwiccans” a secret order of humans who have protected the secret of the Transformers’ presence on Earth for centuries.
In the final act of The Last Knight, Sir Edmund joins Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), Optimus Prime, and the Autobots in battling Megatron, the Decepticons, and evil Transformers goddess Quintessa at Stonehenge. When the Autobot forces are pinned down, Sir Edmund takes it upon himself to attack Megatron, with his signature cane, which is actually a Cybertronian weapon in disguise.
The attack wounds Megatron but doesn’t kill him; in retaliation, Megatron blasts Sir Edmund, fatally wounding him. At the end, Sir Edmund is proud to sacrifice himself in the Witwiccan tradition, dying on the battlefield as his Cybertronian man-servant Cogman mourns him.
Canopy is the Autobot that takes up residence (literally) with young tech prodigy/orphan Izabella (Isabela Moner), in the abandoned quarantine zone of Chicago.
Canopy gets his name from the rubble and debris he wears as a turtle-like camouflage, while also serving as a hideout/home for Izabella.
Canopy dies when the TRF (Transformers-hunting military force) discovers his presence in the Chicago quarantine and swiftly eliminates him. Cade and Izabella try to save the benevolent Autobot, but it’s too little, too late…
The New Decepticons
Transformers: The Last Knight goes to great length to outfit Megatron with an entire new team of Decepticons – and then wipes them all out with little to no fanfare or significance.
The new Decepticons that come (and quickly go) in Transformers 5 are listed below:
Nitro Zeus
*Infernatus (sp?) – Quintessa’s combiner henchman isn’t technically a Decepticon, but he does fight alongside them and is another “easy come, easy go” character in the story.