In a few months, the DC Extended Universe will see its newest film drop thanks to Justice League. The much-anticipated movie will see Batman and Wonder Woman team up with the likes of Aquaman and more when Steppenwolf makes his presence known. Right now, Justice League is working through post-production as it undergoes reshoots in London. The process has kept some DC diehards antsy, but fans have reason to cool their concerns. After all, DC Entertainment’s president just arrived in London to see how everything is going.
Over on Twitter, Geoff Johns shared a post with fans which confirmed he is now in London. The producer posted a photo of a comic he was perusing in a local pub, and fans were quick to rejoice over Johns’ overseas arrival.
In the last week, Johns has started vocalizing his thoughts about the Justice League reshoots. Dozens of reports have surfaced about the film’s resumed production as some have gone as far to say the film is reshooting up to an hour. Johns has since shut down rumors about the reshoots’ extensive nature, and the producer did it with some clever trolling.
Several days ago, Johns reassured fans Justice League was still Zack Snyder’s film. The DCEU director chose to leave the film following the death of his daughter. Director Joss Whedon has been brought in to finish out the movie through post-production, and fans were quick to gossip about how much control he would have over the film. So, when a fake Joss Whedon account tweeted Johns, the producer ribbed the impersonator hard.
After the wannabe thanked Johns for letting him completely remake Justice League, the DC Entertainment exec took the thanks a step further. “Did I mention we’re going to put Spider-Man and Scooby Doo in it?” the producer joked. Later that day, Johns then liked a fan tweet which read, “Pretty sure [Geoff Johns] is trying to say fans need to shill out & stop buying every blogger’s thoughts as facts. [Justice League] is still Zack’s film.” The social media nod indirectly reassured fans all was well with Justice League, and Johns seems to be checking up on the film now to ensure it stays that way.