Aside from Stan Lee cameos, there is one thing the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for, and that is post-credits scenes. Iron Man started the tradition back in 2008, and the MCU has kept up the teaser-filled trend ever since. Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn’t look like it is interested in bucking the MCU norm just yet. According to its director, the Spider-Man film will house post-credits scenes fans won’t want to miss.
This weekend, Sydney hosted its annual Supanova Comic Con, and director Jon Watts appeared at the event via video message. The Spider-Man executive took time to dish details about the upcoming feature, and attendees were kind enough to share the director’s teasers online. Over on Twitter, here’s what @Tyler_Cull3n had to report about the post-credits scenes for Spider-Man: Homecoming:
“Jon Watts confirms that Homecoming has after credit scenes that are definately [sic] “worth sticking around for” (Obviously).”
Right now, there is no official confirmation about how many post-credits scenes Spider-Man: Homecoming will feature. However, judging by this user’s live-tweet, it sounds like the film may have more than one. Previous MCU films have featured two post-credits romps in the past, so Spider-Man would not be an outlier should it feature a couple clips. When Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 debut this year, the blockbuster housed a whopping five additional scenes. Spider-Man may not have quite that many add-ons, but its directors promises fans will want to stick around for all of them.
There is no telling what the post-credits scenes may contain, but fans have their guesses. Thor: Ragnarok is set to debut in November, so the Spider-Man movie may show a clip to familiarize fans with the God of Thunder’s doings. Audiences have not seen the Asgardian since Avengers: Age of Ultron hit theaters, so moviegoers may need a refresher on the hero. There is also a chance Avengers: Infinity War or even Black Panther will get a shoutout in the film. After all, Spider-Man is set to star in the third Avengers flick; Fans might get to see Peter Parker familiarize himself with his future teammates through a homework assignment at the very least.
Jon Watts confirms that Homecoming has after credit scenes that are definately “worth sticking around for” (Obviously). #Supanova.
— Tyler James (@Tyler_Cull3n) June 18, 2017