The latest movie focusing on Asgardian affairs will be feature a major shift in the relationship between the two brothers whose squabbles tend to endanger entire planets.
While Thor has been primarily concerned with both Loki’s wellbeing as well as his thirst for power over the course of three separate films, actor Chris Hemsworth indicates that might change in the latest film.
At his spotlight panel for the Supanova Comic Con in Sydney, Australia, Hemsworth hints that Thor will be ambivalent toward his brother and his schemes when Ragnarok comes around.
This is coming after Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) “went missing” at the end of Thor: The Dark World, when in reality he really supplanted Odin and impersonated him, essentially getting what he wanted as the ruler of Asgard.
With Odin’s whereabouts unknown, it seems like Thor might need a bit of help from a certain Sorcerer Supreme. But all of that might be interrupted by the arrival of the ruler of Hel and her pesky ability to destroy a hammer made of Uru metal.
Thor and Loki’s relationship differs I a way that Thor doesn’t care what Loki does anymore in Ragnarok. #ChrisHemsworth #Supanova
— Tyler James (@Tyler_Cull3n) June 18, 2017
It seems hard to believe after everything Loki’s done that Thor would not care about his brother’s actions or antics, but there’s only so much a God of Thunder can take before he just says “screw it,” I guess.
Maybe there’s a little more to it, or maybe Hemsworth is being coy about the nature of the two characters’ relationship in the next Thor movie.
We’re bound to learn more when Thor: Ragnarok premieres in theaters November 3.