Have no fear, people with irrational fears of Godzilla and other enormous fictional creatures! According to Neil deGrasse Tyson — a popular astrophysicist and somewhat of a pop culture icon — it’s scientifically impossible for a living being to be that large.
“You’re not going to have a Empire State Building-sized reptile, because it can’t hold itself up,” deGrasse Tyson told StarTalk Radio. “I don’t know if they teach this outside of Physics 101, so as you get bigger, your volume grows…your weight goes up according to your volume.”
According to the scientist, it all comes down to a matter of area versus volume.
“But the strength of your limbs goes up only according to this cross-sectional area, so it’s a matter of area versus volume,” he reflected. “Godzilla would collapse under his own weight into a puddle of guts. It’s why heavy animals have thicker legs. You can’t just scale up an insect this big [stretches arms out].”
So what you’re saying Neil, is that some mad scientist working away is his makeshift laboratory in the woods can’t make a real-life Mothra? Thank goodness, now we can sleep easily knowing we won’t be devoured by a bus-sized butterfly.
Even though the creature won’t ever happen in real life, fans will be able to see the cuddly lizard next in Godzilla: King of Monsters.
Plot details are still unknown about Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which is currently in pre-production. Joining Ramos in the film will be Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), Vera Farmiga (The Conjuring), Kyle Chandler (Bloodline), Ken Watanabe (Inception), O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Straight Outta Compton), and Aisha Hinds (True Blood).
In addition to Godzilla, Deadline unveiled that Ramos will have a role in another major film. The actor will also appear in Warner Bros.’ highly-anticipated remake of A Star is Born, alongside Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Ramos will be playing Ramon, an aspiring dancer and the best friend of Gaga’s character.