When we saw the Spider-Man trailer for PlayStation 4 make its debut earlier this week, we were blown away by the amount of quality that Insomniac Games was pouring into the title. But one complaint that a few fans made was the distinct lack of villainy, as only Mister Negative (Martin Li) made an appearance, and there was no sign of familiar favorites like Green Goblin and Venom.
Not to worry, as the forthcoming game will have a fair amount of villainy to go around. Destructoid recently spoke with Spider-Man’s creative director, Bryan Intihar, about the issue, and he noted that Mr. Negative is only “a villain in the game,” and not the chief one.
He noted that the game “has a very large cast, and there’s many more surprises,” indicating that we only saw a bit of what the game had to offer in the nine-minute demo that debuted earlier this week. That includes a bigger world to explore within New York City, and more actual gameplay, compared to what we saw during the battle with Mr. Negative.
That said, Mr. Negative will have an “elevated spot” in the rogue’s gallery, mainly because he actually has a personal connection with Peter Parker, since he runs a soup kitchen where his aunt regularly volunteers.
Intihar wound up “not saying a ton about the story,” but he did note that “the best stories are where Peter’s world and Spider-Man’s world collide,” and Mr. Negative actually has a “great opportunity to see (that).” But Intihar stopped short of talking about Peter’s involvement. When asked whether we could play as Peter outside of his Spidey suit, the team was “not going to say,” but “Peter is going to be an integral part of this.”
The creative director also discussed influences for the game, including the Netflix series Daredevil and the current super hero flicks (including Wonder Woman), as well as Brian Michael Bendis’ comic work, as “we really want to develop those characters when they’re not fighting.”
And, as you can tell, the game has some Batman: Arkham inspired combat. The team even admitted it, with Intihar noting, “(we) played a lot of (Batman) Arkham, obviously.”
But he also noted how Spider-Man would be its own thing, and how great it was to work with Marvel – “It’s been an incredible pleasure to work with (them) and Sony,” he said.
Spider-Man will release in 2018 for PlayStation 4.