Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics follow — which means potential spoilers for The Walking Dead TV series.
With the All Out War story on the horizon for The Walking Dead TV series, fans are expecting the eighth season of the popular AMC show to be a bloodbath. As Negan and Rick Grimes ready their armies for battle, they do so with the expectation of losing men and women offering their allegiance to the respective communities.
Some of those losses will come from the hands of the leaders, who will inevitably be found on the front lines of many battles. With Negan coming out guns blazing, many fans are wondering who his next victims will be.
After all, the leader of the Saviors made his presence known on the AMC series by bashing the skulls of two main characters in the Season 7 premiere. Both Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee were booted from the series to make room for the villain. Since, he has wreaked havoc on Alexandria, personally killing Spencer Monroe and even his own doctor to send a message to the group.
However, when the All Out War story kicks off, Negan might not be as deadly as one would expect.
Throughout the war, Negan does not actually kill any main characters who have aligned themselves with Rick Grimes in Robert Kirkman’s comics. In fact, the only character Negan directly kills would be billed as “extras” at best within the walls of Alexandria.
About half way through the war, Negan launches an assault on the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He tosses grenades over the walls, aiming to blow up anything, everything, anyone, and everyone. The most memorable fatality here is Heath’s leg, with the character only surviving because Dr. Denise Cloyd was around to save him.
With Heath missing from the show as Corey Hawkins left in favor of a brief stint on 24: Legacy, one has to wonder if the moment will be applied to another character like Aaron or Scott. Still, Denise is no longer in the picture, so the victim will have to get lucky in finding a doctor, as well.
A variation of Negan’s assault on Alexandria was seen in the Season 7 finale of the AMC series but it’s a safe bet that the Saviors will march on the Safe-Zone, once more, hungry for revenge and to recover from the embarrassment of being chased out.
These forgettable characters, however, are far from the only victims of The Walking Dead’s war. One issue, in particular, sees several core characters on Team Rick killed off.
In Issue #118, three characters are among the casualties during an ambush near a Savior outpost. They are Eric, Richard, and Shiva the tiger.
While Negan is not directly responsible for any of the three deaths, his men are carrying out orders which puts the blood on his hands. Both Eric and Richard find themselves shot by Saviors while Shiva the tiger sacrifices herself to rescue King Ezekiel.
This is an interesting scenario when being adapted to the AMC series. Richard has already been killed off by Morgan, a character who is already dead in the comics. There’s no real which says the AMC series has to keep the body count equal to that of the comics, but Scott Gimple and his crew will likely have a few gut punches ready for the audience in Season 8.
Of these deaths, Shiva is likely the most devastating, as the loyal jungle cat has been the biggest hero of all when she pounced into frame and saved Carl’s life during the Season 7 finale. However, if Eric is to bow out, the loss will serve as a major driver for Aaron moving forward.
Of course, the possibility remains of the AMC series completely swapping these losses around with other characters taking their place, no one dying in these moments at all, or creating a story completely unique to television. If Season 7 was any indication, though, the series will be following its source material quite closely.