Dade County, Miami, got a recent visit from a would-be supervillain, as a man with obvious obsession with Batman nemesis The Joker, was arrested for pointing a hand gun at motorists in traffic, Tuesday evening.
As reported by the Associated Press, the assailant was 29-year-old Lawrence Sullivan, who was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed firearm. Sullivan has elaborate Joker tattoos – including the smile scars at both corners of his mouth, “Ha Ha” on his cheek, and a Batman symbol with a knife piercing through it (and the word ‘f*ck’) on his forehead. As you can see, his hair is also green, and he has black “war paint” around his eyes.
In short, this guy is a pretty good amalgamation of the Heath Ledger and Jared Leto movie Jokers – though it’s unclear if he’s ever actually picked up a comic book. Aside from obviously being very disturbed, a lot of hardcore fans might consider the guy to be poser.