For the third season in a row, The Flash series regular Tom Cavanagh will say good-bye to the character he plays on the hit CW superhero drama.
This time, H.R. Wells died to save Iris West, disguising himself in Iris’s place when she was taken by Savitar — but what does that mean for Cavanagh’s future with the show?
It isn’t yet clear. In season 1, Harrison Wells was a “mask” to disguise Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash; he had been killed years before, and with his death, he gave way to the Earth-2 version of Wells, known as “Harry,” the father of Jesse Quick and a series regular last year.
This time around, with Harry back on Earth-2, we got Earth-19’s “H.R. Wells,” a novelist rather than a scientist, and so he was working under Cisco.
“Twenty-seven! Twenty-seven subtle ones and four or five overt ones,” Cavanagh told at Comic Con International: San Diego last year when we asked how many different versions of the characer he had played. “The guys all look alike, but very rarely are there similarities….I would argue that if our show has strengths, one of them is that we don’t sit back on our laurels.”
This time around, though? It’s not a new face for Cavanagh (at least not yet). With the death of H.R. Wells, Cavanagh will return as Harry again, with Barry having asked him to stick around and help with a crisis that happened in the closing moments of the episode.