David Dastmalchian says the Ant-Man sequel is “mind-blowing.”
On Friday, while attending the LA premiere of Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival, Dastmalchian was interviewed about the upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp, and while he couldn’t divulge any details, he did say the sequel is bringing something new to the MCU.
“I can say Ant-Man and The Wasp is going to do things in the Marvel universe that they haven’t gotten an opportunity to do yet and I just got some tidbits the other day and they’re mind-blowing,” he shared with Entertainment Weekly. “It’s going to be really cool.”
In the 2015 film, Dastmalchian played Kurt, the ex-con and friend of Luis (Michael Pena) — met and formed a friendship in prison — who speaks with a Russian-American accent and is a very talented computer hacker. He and the rest of the knucklehead criminals convinced and assisted Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) with breaking into Hank Pym’s home and, in the third act, helped pull off the Pym Tech heist.