There’s a minion revolution brewing in the world of Despicable Me, and there is a new face leading the charge.
Now that Gru is playing nice, and shutting down his supervillain enterprise, the minions aren’t exactly happy with the new way of life. While most keep their heads down and do their work, one minion has decided to make a stand.
Mel, a new minion in the franchise, decides to unionize the little yellow workers, and get his people back on track.
While speaking with EW, co-director Kyle Balda gave a short description of Mel’s character.
“He’s a character who personifies the voice of objection against Gru’s life choices. I think of him as sort of the head of the union. Collectively, the Minions are a character themselves, and it feels stronger when we can pull out an individual personality to rise up.”
The introduction of a new minion is exciting, but good news doesn’t come without a price. Kevin, Stuart, and Bob – the characters from the Minions movie – won’t be appearing in the next Despicable Me installment. According to Balda, their exclusion was due to the franchise wanting to stay true to the timeline.