It’s no secret; DC Entertainment has had trouble wooing critics in the past. After Christopher Nolan’s work with Batman wrapped, the studio found itself floundering to nab love with critics. Films like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice got lackluster attention – and Suicide Squad was torn to shred by the press. This year, both Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have hoped to change that reputation with its upcoming releases. In less than a month, Wonder Woman will finally hit theaters, and an embargo just lifted for critics.
Now, the Internet is buzzing with first reactions and partial reviews of Wonder Woman. So, DC diehards, you can breathe now. Critics are calling Wonder Woman the best DC film to date.
In the following slides, you can read up on the overwhelming positive reaction to Wonder Woman. Reporters all have their favorite parts, but the reactions all agree on one thing: Wonder Woman is the kind of film which will leave you inspired. Alisha Grauso calls the film “a truly heroic light [the] DCEU desperately needs.” Several have even gone so far as to liken the film’s impact to the kind Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy commanded.
Talk about pressure, huh?
Of course, the cast of Wonder Woman will be happy to hear critics are so far enamored with the film. Earlier today, one of the film’s actresses opened up about her take on the blockbuster. The star, who plays General Antiope, said Wonder Woman was about much more than female empowerment; It is about love and untempered justice.
“Yes, it’s a female superhero, and it’s never been done before. But the generation, the young girls and young boys that are going to be our future, they’re going to flock to the cinema. And the message of this movie is not just female empowerment. It’s about love and justice. That’s what the film’s about. And what a great message to spread to our little ones.”