Tonight’s episode starts with a musical montage showing all the various people of Team Flash thinking about the time left before Savitar is supposed to murder Iris. HR and Tracy Brand are continuing to work on a solution, Cisco receives a text from Felicity Smoak saying she hasn’t found a solution yet, and Joe and Wally embrace.
Iris begins recording a video in bed to Barry, before it cuts off and we see the title card. Shortly thereafter, Barry and Cisco are talking with Lyla Michaels outside of ARGUS headquarters. She reveals that they have a power source from the Dominators attack during the events of the Invasion! crossover.
Lyla mentions that she can’t trust Barry with the power source and that they’ll need to find another way to power their Speedforce trap.
Back at STAR Labs, Barry tells the rest of the group that he wants to break into ARGUS. Cisco points out the fact that the spy group has a power-dampening device that weakens all metahuman powers, so they won’t be able to phase through the walls. After talking about how secure it is, Barry makes the decision to enlist the help of a certain enemy: Captain Cold.
Barry travels back to 1892 to approach Leonard Snart, who reluctantly agrees to help. Barry brings him back to STAR Labs and shares his plan with the rest of the team and they seem generally alright with it.
Killer Frost approaches Savitar and the latter reveals he still plans on murdering Iris. After all, if Iris isn’t murdered, then Savitar will cease to exist. Savitar suddenly gets a vision that Barry had begun working with Captain Cold, and realizes that the two plan on stealing a power source from ARGUS.
Captain Cold begins shares his thoughts on where the power source could be stored and the team prepares for their departure. Barry tells Joe to take Iris far away because if he knows where she is, then Savitar knows where she is.
We see Harrison Wells working on a project on Earth-2 as a portal opens up as Joe, Iris, and Wally are seen vibing through.