After Groot made the ultimate sacrifice in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket picked up a twig from his fallen friend, planted it in a pot, and, during a post-credits scene, Baby Groot has sprouted and shook his money-maker to the tune of The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.”
And by the time the sequel starts, taking place a couple of months after the first movie, Baby Groot has grown out of his pot, dances up a storm during the opening sequence, wrestles miniature dinosaur-like creatures, munches on candy in the midst of an massive space battle, and looks cute as all hell. Although, he’s looks and acts more like a preschooler than a baby.
And when we get to the sequel’s post-credits scene featuring Groot, in which Peter scolds the moody humanoid tree creature for not cleaning up his messy room — roots strewn all about — many people assumed they were getting their first look at Teen Groot. However, while conducting a spoiler-filled Q&A this weekend, filmmaker James Gunn clarified that Groot is actually a tween (between childhood and teenage years) at that point.
“Another minor misconception is that people think that’s Teen Groot at the end of the movie,” Gunn explained. “And I understand why. It’s actually Adolescent Groot. I would call him ‘Tween Groot.’ Or, we call him ‘Adolescent Groot.’ He’s not quite a teenager yet.”