DC Comics wants to wish you and your family a happy Mother’s Day, and they’re doing so with a hilarious image that pokes fun at one of the most talked about moments in their cinematic history.
They’re brothers from another Martha. Happy #MothersDay, everybody! pic.twitter.com/QERB2jciUh
— DC (@DCComics) May 14, 2017
The picture was tweeted out this morning and looks like it consists of some nice Gary Clark artwork, though it is uncredited.

The text on the photo references both Superman’s and Batman’s mothers, Martha Kent and Martha Wayne.
That coincidence was used for dramatic humorous effect in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s climactic confrontation between the title characters. As Batman is about to deliver the killing blow to Superman, Clark begins calling out for his mother.
Batman of course does not realize that’s Superman’s mom’s name until Lois arrives to explain, which causes him to pause his assault.
Countless memes have been inspired by that exchange, which effectively ends the conflict between the two and causes them to team up. Batman then goes to rescue Martha from a group of armed soldiers led by the KGBeast in one of the most memorable fight scenes the character has been a part of.
His Batplane also unleashes a barrage of gunfire at some poor sap using a gun mounted to the back of a vehicle, which is slightly overkill, but nobody accused Ben Affleck’s Batman of being subtle. Batman rescues Superman’s mom by causing a malfunction in the KGBeast’s flamethrower, causing him to explode. Martha responds gratefully by telling one of the only jokes in the movie.
It’s nice to see DC Comics embracing the memes and having some fun of their own.
Be sure to give your own Martha a call this morning and wish her a happy Mother’s Day.