When Aquaman swims into theaters in 2018, Jason Momoa is going to have his work cut out for him. In addition to having trouble dealing with Orm and Black Manta, new reports suggest that director James Wan is introducing two more groups of dangerous villains.
According to Superhero News, Wan has some creepy bad guys in mind. The first set of creatures are described as “being humanoid, but having fins. Having big heads, big eyes, and very long, very sharp teeth.” As Sean Gerber points out, this description makes the creatures sound a lot like The Trench.
The villains were introduced in the New 52 run of Aquaman, and they are a terrifying group of deep sea dwellers that pose an enormous threat to Atlantis. Gerber went on to say that the creatures wouldn’t be computer generated, but that Wan was using practical effects to bring them to life.
In addition to the supposed-Trench creatures, the reports also suggest that Aquaman could be introducing a new take on the Deep Six. These other characters are said to be a set of six beings, all with individual personalities. There’s no guarantee that these creatures are the Deep Six, but that seems like the safest bet.
Arthur Curry is going to have a lot of competition in this movie, as the number of villains seems to outweigh the amount of heroes slated to appear.
No need to worry though, have you seen Jason Momoa work out? He shouldn’t have much trouble with these newcomers.