Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonso is again teasing the debut of a Wolverine-Hulk hybrid creation via his Twitter account.
Alonso first teased the idea in February by tweeting an image of a monstrous looking creature that was the size and color of the Hulk but with huge Wolverine claws sticking out of each of its hands. The creature was housed in a tank labeled “Batch-H.”
Alonso teased the idea a second time by tweeting an image of a scientist examining an x-ray of the Batch-H creature. The image was accompanied by the word “blueprint.”
Alonso’s third teaser is a close up of a Hulk-like fist with Wolverine claws popping out o fit. Alonso’s message reads “Marvel Two-In-One,” a play on words comparing the two-character hybrid to the classic Marvel Comics series Marvel Two-In-One.
The Batch-H project is connected to an upcoming crossover story between The Totally Awesome Hulk andWeapon X titled “Weapons of Mutant Destruction.” Both series are written by Greg Pak, whom spoke to about the crossover. He remained tight-lipped about Batch-H.
“Yeah, it’s pretty interesting isn’t it?” Pak said. “You know, we’ll see what Batch H is all about. It looks pretty amazing, doesn’t it?”
Pak did provide us with a broader sense of what “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” is all about.
“Well, we’ve got our heroes and villains, who are hunting down the new Weapon X, and end up teaming up with Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk,” Pak explained. “That in itself is fun because you’ve got very different dynamics here where the Hulk is this young cocky dude who thinks he knows everything and the Weapon X team is this hardened group of mercenaries and killers and criminals basically. There are some fun contrasts there but they’ve teamed up because they found out that Weapon X is hunting the Hulk. The Weapon X Program has a very specific mission in mind and it involves the Hulk, and so now our heroes and the Hulk are teaming up to try to thwart it. Over the course of this story, things are going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and there are a few mysteries that will unspool, and much slashing and smashing.”
The “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” crossover begins in Weapons of Mutant Destruction Alpha in June 2017 and then will alternate chapters between The Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon X.
Old Man Logan and Sabretooth will also guest star in May’s The Totally Awesome Hulk #19, which will lay the groundwork for what’s to come.
“We’re going to start to find out what the interest of Weapon X is in the Hulk,” Pak said of the issue. “We’ll start to find out how the Hulk fits into the story in that issue and see what the members of our team and the Hulk himself have to say about that or how they feel about that, and what happens when they come together.”