Ever since former WWE superstar Dave Bautista landed the role of Drax, he has hoped and prayed that the physically intimidating, tattoo-covered, and metaphor-challenged member of the Guardians of the Galaxy would be included in Avengers: Infinity War. As we know now, that dream has come true, but another one of Bautista’s wishes has come true, too.
In the past, when asked which actor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe he would most like to work with, he also gave one answer: Robert Downey Jr. And when asked the same question back in January, he gave the same response. “I’ve said all along, I want to work with RDJ, man,” Bautista told Collider. “I want to work with Robert Downey Jr. He’s Iron Man. He’s Tony Stark, man. He’s the guy!”
And while appearing on the latest episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast (via SR), Bautista confirmed that Drax and Iron Man do share a scene together in Avengers: Infinity War.
Chris Jericho: How do you feel like, when you walk into the room or whatever it is, table read or something, and Robert Downey Jr. is there, did you do some scenes with Iron Man?
Dave Bautista: [hesitant] Um…..
Chris: Yes.
Dave: HAHAHAHA. Yeah, yeah, yeah.