David Dastmalchian wants to see his The Flash villain, Abra Kadabra, return to the show, and he has an idea about how it should happen.
Fans of The Flash may remember that Abra Kadabra was defeated and sent back to Earth-19 where he was to be executed. However, according to ComicBook.com reader Michael Leslie who was in attendance at Planet Comiccon Kansas City this weekend, Dastmalchian doesn’t see any reason why that should stop him.
Dastmalchian wants to see Abra Kadabra escape from Earth-19 in a prison breakout episode. The rest of his plan comes from friend and fellow The Flash villain actor Mark Hamill, who suggested that Abra Kadabra should flee to Earth-3. Once he’s on Earht-3, that universe’s version of Hamill’s villain the Trickster could team with Abra Kadabra and they could form their own version of the Rogues.
The Flash may have his hands full with Savitar for the remainder of season three, but this could be a fun Rogues story to explore in The Flash’s fourth season.
The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.