Last year’s DC Films slate brought the financially successful Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad to movie theaters, but those releases also transformed how Warner Bros. Pictures approached the marketing of future films.
And with Wonder Woman just over a month away from debuting on silver screens, some people are starting to notice how that approach has changed—though it remains to be seen how successful it is.
While speaking at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience 2017 in Las Vegas this week, Time Warner’s Chief Marketing Executive revealed how Batman v Superman’s data-driven campaign looked beyond the scope of the film itself and into its branching media counterparts. That, in turn, allowed Warner Bros. to alter their scope for Wonder Woman.
But Suicide Squad had a different issue in that it worked too well from a traditional standpoint, and the company may have spent more money on the marketing campaign to meet their targets when it released.
It was the first release where we had a strategy to collect data from the first trailer drop, not just for that movie, but across all DC franchises, Every single campaign from then til March of last year needed to be a data collection opportunity.
We used a data-driven approach for that movie [Batman v Superman] and since then, the organization thinks very differently and is going to market very differently today. Six months after that movie came Suicide Squad. It was one of the first movies where we stopped spending before release, because the segmentation and targeting was so effective we were hitting our numbers pre-release.
We already touched on how The CW’s Supergirl changed the marketing for Wonder Woman, as well as how the Gal Gadot-led film has seen more spending than the marketing for Suicide Squad.