This article includes spoilers from The Flash.
At the end of tonight’s episode, viewers of The Flash saw Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) — who happened to be in full-on Killer Frost mode — wandering through a forest somewhere outside of the Central City. In typical Frost fashion, she happened to be walking barefoot through inches of snow, but why would she do that? To meet with the God of Speed himself, of course.
When Caitlin finally found Savitar in the forest, the latter revealed that in exchange for help, he’d be sure that Killer Frost’s alter-ego Caitlin Snow never re-emerges. When Killer Frost asks Savitar why she should trust him, Savitar knelt down and began to take off his suit.
As the man inside the suit emerged, a sense of seriousness came across Killer Frost’s face and she utters a simple line, “What do you need me to do?”
With Savitar unsuited at the end of tonight’s episode, it’s pretty clear that we’ll finally find out who has been serving as the God of Speed all season long sometime during next week’s episode. The trailer for next week’s episode then made it fairly explicit, with Barry saying that he knows who Savitar is.
Another thing for those keeping score: If Barry knows who Savitar is in 2017, then it means that they have ALREADY changed the future from what we saw this week, where 2024 Barry didn’t know. That doesn’t mean Iris won’t die, but it does mean the reality from tonight’s episode doesn’t happen.