Fans of CW’s The Flash are buzzing with excitement, as the season-long mystery of who Speedster god Savitar really is will finally be revealed in next week’s episode.
Most of the current fan fixation has been on who Savitar is; we here at have already put forth two competing theories:
That Savitar is in fact a resurrected Ronnie Raymond
That Savitar is in fact a future version of Barry Allen.
However, while there is a clear fascination with the subject of Savitar, and the prophecy of him murdering Iris West, fans of The Flash should now be aware that there’s always another potential twist that could be thrown into the mix.
Case in point: The Flash actor Jesse L. Martin was recently doing an interview with TV Line, in which he made a comment about the future of his character, detective Joe West, and his relationship with D.A. Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet).
According to Martin, ““We have a little situation where she said the magic words and Joe wasn’t able to say the magic words back.”
Some outlets (like HH) have taken that utterance to mean that Joe could suffer his own tragic loss, with the death of Cecile. But is that an accurate assessment? Or are some people jumping to the wrong conclusion?
So what was Martin’s comment about? According to Russ: “He’s not teasing a death. He’s teasing relationship issues for Joe and Cecile. TV Line was talking about a death based on existing spoilers that we’ve already covered.”
Those “existing spoilers” have to do with a previous theory that Joe West will die in The Flash season 3. However, that death was rumored to happen during the “Invasion!” crossover event with Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow; obviously that didn’t happen, but as of now, there’s no real indication that Joe is any danger.
…However, this is The Flash, and it would be a major twist if Joe ultimately sacrifices himself in the fight against Savitar, to save Iris. Just not a likely one.