James Wan’s The Conjuring wasn’t just a major success for the horror movie genre – it actually launched an entire horror franchise universe after its release in 2013.
In addition to getting a Conjuring sequel last year, we got a spinoff film about the Annabelle doll in 2014, with a sequel film, Annabelle: Creation arriving this summer. But now we’ll also get another spinoff – this time following The Conjuring 2 monster known as The Nun. And, in an example of some behind-the-scenes continuity, we know there will be a fun casting connection between The Nun and The Conjuring.
Deadline reports that American Horror Story star Taissa Farmiga has been cast in The Nun. The actress will play a young nun, co-starring alongside Hateful Eight actor, Demián Bichir. Actress Bonnie Aarons played The Demon Nun in The Conjuring 2, but has not yet been announced for the spinoff.