Last summer, the world got its first-look at Justice League when Warner Bros. updates fans on the project at San Diego Comic Con. The event saw an official movie poster released which featured the Man of Steel standing amongst Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Batman. However, since Justice League had its convention debut, fans have noticed Superman has been getting the cold shoulder. The hero has not been included in any footage or promotional adverts since SDCC, and fans have been anxious to see the Kryptonian again.
Now, it looks like their wishes have come true. Today, a new website for Justice League launched thanks to DC Entertainment, and a poster promoting the site just gave fans more Superman.
In the poster, fans are shown the 6-hero line up of the Justice League. The Flash and Batman are shown standing beside one another while Aquaman and Cyborg mirror them on the right. In the center, Wonder Woman stands at attention while Superman stands slightly off to the side.
The new promo created by Rubies, a company known for selling officially licensed DC Comics costumes. The site shared this new poster with fans to advertise its upcoming superhero costume line based on the film.
Even if the poster is a basic ones, plenty of fans are happy to see Superman suited up once more. The hero has been kept out of marketing thus far, and there are those who hope Warner Bros. keeps it that way. After all, the hero’s appearance will be a tricky one to introduce. The DC Extended Universe killed off Superman last year when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted, but the blockbuster ended with a teaser regarding Superman’s revival.
It does seem unlikely that Warner Bros. will let everything out about Superman’s resurrection, but the studio will surely capitalize on the hero’s involvement soon enough. The second full trailer for Justice League may very well see Superman rise again.