Jurassic World upped the dino-ante by including a water-based creature and the Indominous Rex. By the sound of things, it seems as though the sequel is going to take things even further.
According to an interview with Kevin Layne, an actor who was recently cast in the film, Jurassic World 2 is about to pit submarines against dinosaurs.
During an interview for his profile on MSTF Management, Layne was asked about his role in the upcoming sequel. He probably said a bit too much, as he revealed the “epic” scene that he’s a part of.
“I remember getting advice from Lennie [his agent], ‘Make sure you go looking like the part. You’re a soldier, you’re a mercenary. Think it. Be it.’
“I read for two parts, and ended up getting the role of ‘submarine pilot’, which was the role I wanted as it is quite an epic scene. So I should have a nice cinematic moment on screen in a massive studio film.
“Filming starts in May hopefully I’ll be in one of their amazing contraptions, pretending that there’s dinosaurs around me. I’ve never worked with CGI before so it’s fun and challenging. But I can now say to people ‘You know there’s no dinosaur there right?'”