When The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season in the fall of 2017, it will also be debuting its 100th overall episode of the series. Little details regarding the episode have surfaced, until now.
ComicBook.com has learned that The Walking Dead Episode 8×01, an episode yet to be officially titled, will be directed by executive producer Greg Nicotero. Nicotero also serves as the visual effects guru behind the impressive zombie make up and other computerized effects taking place throughout the series, such as Shiva the tiger.
Previously, Nicotero has directed an impressive number of episodes of the AMC series. Most recently, the executive producer helmed the Season 7 finale (The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life) which saw Rick Grimes rallying at Alexandria with unexpected help from the Hilltop and Kingdom communities. Together, they managed to chase Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan out of town with his Saviors and new found friends in the junkyard gang. Throughout Season 7, Nicotero also directed the highly discussed premiere (The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be) packed with Abraham and Glenn’s brutal deaths, the more lighthearted journeys to the Kingdom and a schoolyard in The Well and Say Yes, and the first union of Rick and King Ezekiel in Rock in the Road.
The first episode of Season 8 has been described by showrunner Scott Gimple as part of a four episode run which will “melt people’s minds” and “break their TV’s.” Adding to that, the showrunner wants to keep the episode quickly paced as the first returning hour will aim to keep fans on the edge of their seat.
Episode 8×01 will be Nicotero’s 21st episode in the director’s chair for The Walking Dead, having debuted in the role with Judge, Jury, Executioner in Season 2.
The cast and crew of The Walking Dead recently flocked to Atlanta to kick off production on the new batch of episodes. Carl actor Chandler Riggs took to Twitter to share his excitement of reading the first script and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd shared a photo which captured enthusiasm to be back it.
“I’m more excited, my friend,” Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln told ComicBook.com. “I’m more excited about this season than ever and this is not – I’m not blowing smoke up anybody – this is so real. I am ready to go. I can’t wait. It’s going to be insane this season.”
“I think it’s going to be a lot more fun season eight, pitted against [Negan] with a bit more push back,” Lincoln said.